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Every day, QIAGEN serves 500,000 customers globally, all seeking insights from DNA and RNA. Delivering Sample to Insight solutions for molecular testing, we help scientists and clinicians achieve breakthroughs in life sciences research, molecular diagnostics and drug development. This is how we make improvements in life possible. In healthcare and academic institutions, and drug-discovery and forensic laboratories, QIAGEN solutions advance disease detection and treatments, enable precision medicine, and aid crime detection and human identification.

Burning Rock

Burning Rock Dx (NASDAQ: BNR), whose mission is to guard life via science, focuses on the application of next generation sequencing (NGS) technology in the field of precision oncology. Its business consists of 1) NGS-based therapy selection testing for late-stage cancer patients, 2) Global pharmaceutical services on biomarker detection and companion diagnostics developing, and 3) NGS-based cancer early detection, which has moved beyond proof-of-concept R&D into the clinical validation stage

Burning Rock focuses on providing comprehensive cancer genomic solutions for pharmaceutical companies from biomarker discovery to commercialization. Powered by our multimodal central lab testing, integrated companion diagnostic development and commercialization, Burning Rock facilitates the entire process of anti-cancer drug development.


Owlstone Medical

Owlstone Medical’s mission is to save 100,000 lives and $1.5 billion in healthcare costs by realizing the potential of breath biomarkers for early detection and precision medicine through Breath Biopsy®. Breath Biopsy provides reliable solutions for the collection and analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) produced through metabolic processes or as a result of interaction with external factors such as diet or medication. Changes to exhaled VOCs can be associated with a range of disease conditions and environmental exposures.



Agilent is a leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets. The company provides laboratories worldwide with instruments, services, consumables, applications, and expertise, enabling customers to gain the insights they seek. Agilent is providing the entire workflow of target enrichment for different NGS applications such as cancer, infectious and rare diseases. including sample quality control (QC), next-generation sequencing (NGS) library prep and target enrichment, microarrays, CRISPR, PCR/qPCR, bioreagents, and data analysis solutions from interpretation reporting. Furthermore, with the extensive cancer diagnostic and pathology know-how of Agilent Dako, built on more than 50 years of experience, our business of antibodies & assay solutions has established lasting partnerships worldwide with partnering companies, ranging from large multinationals to smaller manufacturers and commercial laboratories specializing in the fields of in vitro diagnostics, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.  Besides the development of companion diagnostic for novel personalized therapy in cancer treatment, collaboration partners also benefit from the high level of familiarity of the Agilent Pathology-portfolio in routine diagnostic. 


Established in 2004, LARVOL combines the best of artificial and human intelligence to deliver expertly curated and personalized data solutions to medical affairs, competitive intelligence, commercial, and R&D teams within the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. 


As a global life sciences company, Abcam identifies, develops, and distributes high-quality biological reagents and tools that are crucial to research, drug discovery and diagnostics. Working across the industry, the Company supports life scientists to achieve their mission, faster.

Abcam partners with life science organisations to co-create novel binders for use in drug discovery, in vitro diagnostics and therapeutics, driven by the Company’s proprietary discovery platforms and world-leading, antibody expertise.

Sponsors & Exhibitors
Proteome Sciences

We are a CRO specialising in the analysis of proteins and their associated PTM’s via advanced Mass Spectrometry.  By using proprietary methodologies, we can detect up to 8,000 proteins per sample in Discovery mode and can offer multiplexed assays of up to 100 proteins/sample in a GCLP accredited Targeted assay.

With their proprietary bioinformatics software, these can be trimmed down to some tens of proteins that are either up-, or down-regulated with disease progression or drug treatment.

Speaking Partner

NeoGenomics is an industry-leading cancer diagnostics and pharma services company. We enable advanced oncology patient care leveraging the most extensive diagnostic solid tumor and hematological test menus, sub-specialized pathology, and expertise in biomarker development. We partner closely with our pharma and research clients to meet program objectives and delivery from biomarker discovery through CDx validation and commercialization.


Eutropics, a clinical diagnostics company, is developing novel, functional assays that enable personalized medicine approaches to treating cancer.

Eutropics’ PraediCare DxTM platform delivers medically useful insight that accelerates drug development and guides treatment.

Based on the principles of apoptosis biology, the Praedicare DxTM  platform provides predictive functional biomarkers for liquid ad solid cancers.

The Mcl-1 Dependency Assay is a Laboratory Developed Test (LDT) for Alvocidib, and becoming a companion diagnostic for other MCL1 targeting therapies.


RareCyte provides Precision Biology™ solutions for liquid biopsy and highly multiplexed tissue imaging. The comprehensive portfolio enables CTC characterization and single cell retrieval for molecular analysis, CTC-based CDx development, as well as deep phenotyping and spatial analysis via 21-plex fluorescence imaging, and micro-region retrieval for immuno-oncology applications.


Cureline, Inc. is a global contract research organization (CRO) and a commercial biobank supporting preclinical research in oncology, hematology, immune-oncology and various other therapeutic areas (Cardio-vascular, metabolic, neuro-degenerative, infectious and inherited conditions) to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries worldwide since 2003.

Meeting Partner
International Drug Development Institute

IDDI provides biostatistical and eClinical services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies since 1991.

  • Advanced knowledge in statistical validation of diagnostic, predictive, prognostic & surrogate biomarkers: 55+ trials, 60+ publications.
  • Expert skills in :
  • Analytical validation in line with development stage (IDE, IVD, following CLSI)
  • Clinical validation:
    • Statistical strategies for 510(k) and PMA studies
    • Bridging studies for companion diagnostics
    • Advanced statistical methodology to validate biomarkers in absence of  gold standard
  • Oncology and immune-oncology


Biodesix® is an experienced blood-based diagnostic solutions company with a clinical focus in lung cancer. Our comprehensive diagnostic testing capabilities help our partners decipher the complexity of cancer by profiling both the tumor and immune system. Biodesix creates end-to-end solutions with our biopharma partners from initial biomarker discovery  to companion diagnostic partnering, including commercialization and reimbursement.