March 2020

5th Annual MarketsandMarkets Infection Control, Sterilization and Decontamination in Healthcare Congress

London - UK
Networking Hours

Addressing challenges associated with adoption & implementation of new technologies to fight Healthcare Associated Infections

Around 1 in 20 (6%) of patients are affected by preventable harm in medical care, of which around 12% causes permanent disability or death, according to a study published by The BMJ. These infections are contracted by an estimated 1.7 million patients annually and responsible for 99,000 deaths each year.

Preventing disease and controlling spread of resistant bacteria is of major importance when tackling antibiotic resistance.  Already, AMR infections are estimated to cause 700,000 deaths each year globally, which is predicted to rise to 10 million, alongside a cumulative cost of $100 trillion, by 2020 if no action is taken.


Our speaker panel will address challenges associated with adoption & implementation of new technologies to fight Healthcare Associated Infections, gathering global hospitals presenting case studies, technologies and innovations to fight possibilities of HAIs.


The congress will attract Directors, Heads, Doctors, Nurses, Consultants, Clinical Lead, Deputy Manager from Infection Control, Sterilization, Decontamination and Endoscopy departments across UK and Europe.

NHS is making a lot of attempts to reuse device-related Healthcare Associated Infections through its standardized training and efficient decontamination process, but are the primary problems-are we really implementing our method and achieving decontamination efficacy and making the hospital environment free from infection? The 5th Annual MarketsandMarkets Infection Control, Sterilization and Deconatmination in Healthcare Congress aims at providing a platform to all the stakeholders, to discuss the challenges in maintaining the infection free environment in the hospitals and effective ways to reduce the chances of healthcare associated infections through contaminated medical devices.

  • Decontamination of flexible endoscopes
  • Quality Improvement in Decontamination
  • Effective Patient Monitoring for Infection Prevention and Control
  • Development of sterilization services
  • Optimization of cleaning process of surgical instrument and difficult medical devices
London - UK

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