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Sponsors & Exhibitors
Angelantoni Life Science

Angelantoni Life Science (ALS) does operate globally in the Healthcare industry (including Biobanks, Transfusion Hospital Centers, Plasma collection facilities), and in the Pharmaceutical industry (including CDMOs, vaccine manufacturers, ophthalmic, regenerative medicine, and plasma fractionation plants). Our core business is centered around the design of process-oriented equipment for the biotech bulk rapid cooling down to -70C, and controlled-temperature units (CTUs) ranging from positive temperatures to -80C. The equipment portfolio spans from stand-alone units to fully custom modular and prefabricated equipment plus cryo-vials unmanned robotic LN2-based storage solutions for the human specimen. The whole portfolio is available in both Lab and Medical Devices versions according to ISO13485. We operate through an international network of reputable business partners and distributors.


Visiting Partners
Protein Ark

Protein Ark is owned by Calibre Scientific and based in Sheffield, the UK. Protein Ark specialises in the provision of protein/antibody purification consumables to both the academic and industrial markets. In collaboration with our sister company, BioServUK, we can also offer custom Protein/Antibody production.

Symbiosis Pharmaceutical Services

Established in Stirling in 2011, Symbiosis Pharmaceutical Services is a Scottish CMO that specialises in the GMP manufacture and sterile fill-finish of vials for clinical trials and low volume commercial supply.

The company created its purpose-built, FDA approved and MHRA-licensed facility, with biologic and small molecule production capabilities in mind, and supports biotech and pharmaceutical companies worldwide that require small-scale injectable products.

We offer rapid access to manufacturing slots and quick release of drug products. We can fill bulk volumes under 100 litres, including products that require aseptic liquid filling and lyophilisation.

Regulatory compliance, technical capability and operational flexibility are core to Symbiosis’ offerings along with direct access to the best people who deliver projects on time.

Speaking Partner
Gyros Protein Technologies

Gyros Protein Technologies provides enabling peptide synthesis and bioanalytical solutions. Sensitive, accurate and robust nanoliter-scale immunoassays for bioanalysis and quantitating bioprocess impurities and viral titer are performed on Gyrolab® platforms. These solutions accelerate development through manufacturing of safer, more efficacious biotherapeutics. Gyros Protein Technologies, a division of Mesa Laboratories.  www.gyrosproteintech.com



CPC - Colder Products Company, is the leader in single-use connection technology offering a wide variety of cell and gene therapy connection solutions that ensure ease of use and a robust connection. Single-use technologies (SUT) saves time and labor during set-up and between cycles, by eliminating steps, costs of cleaning, sterilization; and eliminating cross-contaminations between batches. CPC connectors have been tested and validated to comply with accepted industry standards; for mechanical strength; extractables and leachables; bacterial ingress and others. Learn more about the AseptiQuik connectors and our entire portfolio at cpcworldwide.com/cgt to help you to connect with confidence.


Alphalyse provides unrivalled quantification of individual protein impurities by LC-MS. Every protein <1 ppm in concentration is identifiable, and internal protein standards, automated pipetting robots, and data analysis workflows enable high reproducibility. You benefit from one standardised, comparable assay for proteins from multiple sources to analyse viral vector proteins; transgene protein; producer cell line; process-related proteins; growth medium (e.g., bovine serum, human albumin); cell culture adhesion (e.g., laminin, collagen); enzymes (e.g., benzonase). 150+ projects successfully delivered. www.alphalyse.com

Vigene Biosciences

Vigene Biosciences, a Charles River Company, is an award-winning world leader in plasmid and viral vector development and manufacturing. Vigene features integrated plasmid and viral vector production and analytical service offerings from its 110,000 sq ft of state-of-the-art facility with over 15 GMP cleanroom suites. Vigene’s mission is to make gene therapy affordable. Vigene offers FDA and EMA compliant cGMP production for AAV, lentivirus, adenovirus, retrovirus, and plasmids. For more information on Vigene, visit www.vigenebio.com

Exhibition Partner

Qosina is a leading global supplier of more than 5,000 stock components to the medical and pharmaceutical industries. We offer a comprehensive selection of parts for the design, development and manufacture of single-use systems for bioprocessing. We are your one-stop source for single-use components, with low minimum order quantities, a liberal sampling policy and bill of material kitting, all supported by regulatory documentation and backed by Qosina’s assurance of supply.

Qosina is ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO 22301, and ISO 14001 certified and operates in a 95,000 square-foot, climate-controlled facility that includes an ISO Class 8 Clean Room.

Meeting Partner

Polysciences is a FDA registered, ISO 13485:2003 certified chemical manufacturing company located in Pennsylvania. Founded in 1961, Polysciences is a leading manufacturer of cGMP monomers, polymers, microspheres and reagents for biomedical applications.  The cGMP materials we supply are used by fortune 500 companies and technology leaders in gene/cell-therapy applications (viral vector, mRNA vaccines etc.), drug eluting parts, implantable medical devices (intraocular lenses, stents, meshes), and sensor coatings. Our cGMP PEI polymers and lipids are used in viral vector and mRNA vaccine (LNPs, NLCs) production.  Based on six decades of supply chain experience and deep knowledge of organic chemistry, we are able to source challenging raw materials and produce complex intermediates and products. 


ChromaTan is solving a major process bottleneck in therapeutic protein and gene therapy products while significantly lowering the cost of goods for biotech and contract manufacturing companies. Our CCTC platform provides an inexpensive column-free, continuous and single-use solution that replaces large scale column chromatography processes used in biologics manufacturing. The platform has been through extensive beta testing with over a dozen of major biotech companies and has consistently shown a 5-15X increase in throughput at equivalent or better product quality.  We are excited to enter the gene therapy field where in addition to process productivity and economic benefits, the CCTC platform will also enable higher recovery and product quality. www.chromatan.com