Sponsor List


Numerus is a specialist statistical CRO supporting health technology assessment (HTA), reimbursement, and real-world evidence generation (RWE). Our statisticians are experts in the requirements of EU member states HTA bodies; experience that will still be valuable after the EU Joint Clinical Assessment becomes mandatory beginning January 12, 2025, for oncology drugs and ATMPs. With our partners, we support the HTA process from early consulting, competitive landscape mapping, analysis planning and execution, evidence gap mapping and mitigation strategies (network meta-analyses, synthetic control arms, etc.). For more information please visit www.numerus.com.

Cascador Health

Cascador Health bridges the gap between data partners and users of healthcare data. We are RWE solution providers and unravel the inherent complexity of patient data valorization by taking away technical and governance hurdles. We support healthcare providers in retrieving patient data across their many IT systems, collecting prospective data when necessary and providing life sciences with curated and anonymised RWD. Cascador allows healthcare providers and the life science industry to gain insights and provide better care.