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SkyCell offers a data-driven container solution that allows pharma companies to optimise their supply chain by reducing, and even predicting, the risk of delivering sensitive drugs by air. It brings together big data, software and hardware to transform an ever-evolving supply chain, using a growing pool of over ¾ of a billion data-points to enable a market-leading failure rate of less than 0.1%, whilst also reducing CO2 emissions by almost half. Founded in Switzerland in 2012, the company’s innovative approach has been validated by top 20 pharma companies and has partnerships with major airlines. For more information visit www.skycell.ch.

7P Solutions

7PSolutions was founded in 2010 to fulfill an unmet need in the complex pharmaceutical supply chain by creating a single solution for the management of climate control, cargo security, logistics and quality management using real-time GPS solutions. The core factor of our mission was and remains Patient Safety. Our 49CFR21 Part 11 compliant RouteWatch platform is utilized globally to ensure product integrity and protect our customers Brand. Please contact our sales team [email protected]

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Founded in 1975 and headquartered in Atlanta with locations in Europe, Asia and North America, Inmark is a global supplier of life science, temperature control, and clinical specimen packaging. Cold chain packaging success has been achieved utilizing world class design testing and in-house laboratory validation which allows Inmark to offer innovative designs of thermal packaging from parcel to pallet sizes with a variety of temperature ranges and durations.  Product temperatures are maintained through advanced insulating materials and unique PCMs.

Speaking Partner

Controlant's mission is to ensure patient safety and decrease product waste by digitally connecting the end-to-end cold chain. The pay-as-you-go, Controlant Cold Chain as a Service (ChaaS)® solution provides a single source of supply chain truth, consisting of reusable data loggers that send mission-critical data and insights in real-time to a proprietary, cloud-enabled software platform, and cost-reducing operational services. Controlant customers leverage the improved visibility to connect stakeholders, improve efficiency, and increase revenues.


Biomap is a leading provider of validation and monitoring solutions working exclusively in the Life Sciences Arena.  Specialists in temperature compliance services meeting cGxP standards, Biomap works across the manufacturing, research, distribution & storage sectors.  Offering full validation life cycle support, calibration services and compliant environmental monitoring systems and with over 20 years’ experience, Biomap is uniquely placed to provide comprehensive compliance support to enable our customers to meet their regulatory demands.


SmartCAE is working on the Virtual Cold Chain. This platform allows to make data-driven lanerisk assessments for temperature sensitive shipments.

With SmartCAE the risk of temperature excursions on  product level can be determined under total cost of ownership.

The Virtual Cold Chain is a digitial twin of the real cold chain and helps to reduce the risk of temperature excursion.

Exhibition Partner

Biopharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide rely on AeroSafe Global for the flawless shipping and logistical management of temperature-sensitive therapies. Through patented technology backed by a robust shipper re-use program and teams of passionate customer service professionals, the company stands behind its unparalleled record of zero temperature excursions over more than a decade in business and countless deliveries to all points of care. For additional information, please visit www.aerosafeglobal.com