26th June 2023

MarketsandMarkets Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Summit 2023

New York, USA

Pathways to Monetizing New $25 Trillion Revenue Streams Amidst an Economic & Industrial Revolution/Reorganization!

The competitive dynamics of organizations worldwide are rapidly evolving, with industrial processes being reshaped & resized by various disruptive forces in the form of novel technological advancements, regulatory policies, innovative business models and the potential of new competitive entrants. With these changes afoot, the role of a Chief Marketing Officer has risen to the forefront.







The MarketsandMarkets CMO Summit is an exclusively curated networking platform to explore the unique & unconventional blueprints being utilized by eminent CMOs. From thought leadership driven demand generation to differentiated market positioning, account based marketing & buying center expansion to identifying sales plays for effective campaigns, this in-person mixer promises a 360° outlook on managing ever-changing market landscapes amidst uncertain political & geographic variables to sustain progress & economic value.

Through enriching keynotes, interactive panel discussions and in-depth case studies, we'll spend an insightful day with prominent leaders, spearheading the most transformative business journeys across the globe.


Key Highlights of the Summit

  • Enhance your demand generation effectiveness with thought leadership in your core industry and the entire interconnected ecosystem.
  • Differentiate yourself among competitors by establishing leadership in your niche strong area.
  • The new era in Account based marketing – Transform yourself from a vendor to a growth partner in your key accounts.
  • Define your niche segments of strength and project your leadership to differentiate more effectively among competition.
  • Leveraging unconventional business models to evolve & sustain your business amidst an economic flux caused by a diverse spectrum of uncertain economic & geographical variables.
  • Navigating your investments to ensure the ability to tap into potential opportunities against an unprecedented combination of inflation and recession.

Suitable Attendees

We welcome key decision makers and experts that play a vital role for global giants worldwide. These include C-level decision makers, Directors, VP, Manager, Heads, and other professionals

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Executive VP 
  • Senior VP - Marketing
  • Senior, Vice & Chief - Marketing & Digital Customer Experience
  • Vice President - Marketing
  • Global Marketing Officer
  • Marketing Director
  • Chief Growth Officer
  • Head of Global Marketing
  • Chief Brand & Innovation Officer
  • Senior Marketing Manager

Why Invest the Time to Attend?

  • Network and interact with top notch strategy leaders
  • Understand how challenging times can help boost business growth
  • Learn how you can help your organization include new strategies into the business model
  • Be a part of discussions on scaling strategies for business growth and optimization
  • Hear talks on what’s next for strategy leaders, what to watch out for and how to prepare for unprecedented times ahead?

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New York, USA
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