18th October 2022

Banking & Insurance Automation Connect 2022 - Powered by EdgeVerve

Fairmont Makati - Manila, Philippines

Exploring the Importance of Process Discovery, Optimization & Transformation in developing a successful Automation Strategy within the Banking & Financial Ecosystem!

Enterprises today are constantly adapting to evolving customer needs, significant cost pressures, intense competition and novel disruptions in supply chains. To tackle these challenges, it’s crucial to be agile, hyper-productive and resilient. While this has led to enterprises investing heavily in Digital Transformation & Intelligent Automation, process mining can provide granular data to improve overall process visibility that can enable enterprises to address gaps in realizing value from their investments.

This exclusively curated event will help to identify challenges & opportunities in intelligent process automation and explore how banks & insurance companies in the Philippines can optimize their workforce productivity & efficiency to gain immense value out of the application of diverse robotic process automation (RPA) tools & technologies.



Key Highlights & Event Takeaways

  • How do Process Discovery solutions lay the foundation for successful automation of business processes?
  • Why it’s absolutely paramount to for Banking institutions to accurately select what, where & how to automate for a successful digital transformation.
  • Generating process insights, identifying processes most suitable for automation & creating a long-term automation blueprint.
  • Factors leading to the failure in implementation of IA or RPA within various Banking & Financial Institutions.
  • Understanding how Intelligent Automation (RPA) subtly augments the human workforce by increasing operational efficiency & reducing the burden of repetitive data-centric processes on humans.
  • Hear from industry leading experts on their journey of introducing RPA & optimizing various business workflows.
  • Network with peers & veterans from the financial ecosystem in the Philippines, exploring potential solutions to mutually shared obstacles surrounding digital business transformation.

Who Should Attend ?

Chief Technology Officers | Chief Innovation Officers | Chief Operating Officers | Deputy Chief Technology Officers | Interim Chief Technology Officers | Digital Transformation Officers | Vice President of Digital Transformation | Vice President Operations | Senior Director of Operations | Director of Operations | Director Business Excellence | Head of Business Excellence | Head of Insurance | Head of Banking | Robotic Process Automation Consultant | Head Automation | Head of Operations | 

Maria Necita
Maria Necita "GiGi" B. Geronimo
General Manager - Global Business Services Center, Crawford & Company
Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar
Associate Vice President, EdgeVerve
Chetan Chavan
Chetan Chavan
Associate Director Sales, Product and Platforms, EdgeVerve
Malay Saurabh
Malay Saurabh
Senior Product Manager, EdgeVerve
Shriram Jagadeesan
Shriram Jagadeesan
Principal Automation Consultant, AssistEdge, EdgeVerve
Fairmont Makati - Manila, Philippines
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