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Fintech is a disruptive force which improvise the wealth management and reduce manual cost. But applying these technologies is still a challenge for the financial establishments, due to lack of cognizance and trust issues.

To witness the possible peer-to-peer business models and adoption of Fintech with application of the trending technologies like AI, human digital interface, blockchain, quantum computing, be a part of our 2nd Edition MarketsandMarkets AI & Fintech Conference on May 16 -17, 2019 in San Francisco, CA.

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5 Hours of Networking


Time Speaker Name Presentation Title
09:05 Shailendra Singh (Shelly) Keynote Presentation
09:20 Awesome Image How revenue mix is changing for fintech as an industry
09:45 Ian Hartman-O’Connell The Hidden Opportunity for FinTech
11:30 Julapa Jagtiani The Roles of Alternative Data and AI/ML in Fintech Lending
11:55 Lilly Huang How HSBC work with fintech companies to explore future of banking?
12:20 Alexander Koles How AI is unlocking new lending opportunities when paired with alternative data sets?
14:05 Naresh Vyas Learn how RBS empowers their content centre agents through Chatbots technology
14:30 Amilcar Chavarria The Impact of AI on FinTech, Digital Banking and Supervisory Technology (SupTech)
14:55 Awesome Image Panel discussion Greenfield opportunities in Fintech
15:20 Awesome Image Presentation by Hexaware
16:25 Awesome Image Application of Artificial Intelligence for identification of fraudulent activities
16:50 Simeao Joao Natural Language Processing (NLP) and its role in the financial sector
17:15 Awesome Image Round table discussion How to prioritize growth strategies for Fintech
17:45 Awesome Image Closing Remarks
Time Speaker Name Presentation Title
09:05 Marc Kaufman The Patent Landscape Related to Blockchain Technology
09:30 Daniel Chatelain Machine Learning applied to knowledge in Fintech and Financial Institutions: Use Case
09:55 Awesome Image Presentation by Oracle
11:15 Anand Rao Use of deep learning and explainable AI in financial services
11:40 Paris Banson State of the industry
12:35 Awesome Image Panel discussion Impact of compliances and regulations on adoption of technology
14:05 Awesome Image Illustration on application of cryptocurrency
14:30 Awesome Image Bringing closer the fintech startups
14:55 Awesome Image Fintech startups changing the face of finance?
15:20 Awesome Image Round table discussion Biggest technology trends in Fintech
15:50 Awesome Image Closing remarks by chairman
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Alex Jimenez
Alex Jimenez

Vice President, Sr Strategist

Zions Bancorporation

Our Speakers

Miren Aparicio
Miren Aparicio

Attorney & Senior Consultant


Naresh Vyas
Naresh Vyas

Head of Solutions Delivery

Royal Bank of Scotland

Anand Rao
Anand Rao

Global Artificial Intelligence Lead


Ariana Qayumi
Ariana Qayumi

Product Manager

Royal Bank of Canada

Ian Hartman-O’Connell
Ian Hartman-O’Connell

Senior Policy Liaison


Lilly Huang
Lilly Huang

Senior Vice President, Venture Capital Services


Neeraj Arora
Neeraj Arora

Head of Customer Analytics and Consumer Science


Julapa Jagtiani
Julapa Jagtiani

Senior Special Advisor

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

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San Francisco, CA

2nd Edition MarketsandMarkets AI & Fintech Conference
will be held at San Francisco, CA

For any queries regarding the hotel booking please write to us at events@marketsandmarkets.com

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 You will receive a link to book your accommodation via email once you are fully registered. (Please note that we do not authorize any 3rd party agencies (e.g. Exhibitors Housing Management) to book on our behalf and, occasionally, companies fraudulently try to represent us. If you are contacted by anyone other than us regarding your accommodation requirements for this event, please let us know immediately on events@marketsandmarkets.com

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